The saddle is designed to accommodate the anatomy and biomechanics of horses and both male and female riders.

Only the best quality leathers are used in making the saddles. Our experienced team of professionals delivers the highest standard of craftsmanship.

Every detail of saddle construction is designed to make the ride enjoyable for both the horse and rider:

The saddle is designed to position itself further back on the horse to reach a dynamic equilibrium and give maximum freedom of movement to the shoulders.

Dynamic Saddles™ front billet system is designed to allow the front panels to move away from pressure of working muscles, allowing the shoulders to swing freely.

Dynamic Saddles™ allows the rider to loosen the pelvis which makes sitting on the horse much easier and helps the rider feel more connected to the horse. The flaps and thigh rolls are angled to accommodate the anatomical structures of the human body. The stirrup bars, positioned further back for dynamic balance, help the rider achieve correct body alignment.

The overall design provides unmatched security to ride correctly and helps secure a rider in place even when faced with a young horse’s antics.

Dynamic Saddles™ come with foam panels.  The special foam used in our panels eliminates reflocking, restuffing, and refitting concerns.

Dynamic Saddles™ are your personal key to another level of riding because the saddles give horses true freedom of movement and eliminate seat pressure points by:

  • enhancing lateral flexion in the rib cage as compared to the flanks;
  • transferring part of the horse’s pushing power from the hind end into the lateral dynamics of the body;
  • providing true, all-dimensional flexibility, while maintaining the structure of the saddle without it flattening or bottoming out
  •  accepting the anatomy of the horse under the rider’s weight without requiring corrective shims or pads.
  • no break-in period, ride better right away!

All saddles come in black or brown leather; smooth or French calf. 

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Dynamic “Equilibrium” in Black