Ride better right away!
Ride better right away!
After a decade of research and development, a collaboration of the most innovative minds in horse training, saddle-making and equine and human biomechanics are welcoming in a new era in tree and saddle construction!    
Highest Standard of Craftsmanship
Highest Standard of Craftsmanship
Only the best quality leathers are used in making the saddles. Our experienced team of professionals delivers the highest standard of craftsmanship.
Feel More Connected
Feel More Connected
Under the rider’s weight, the Dynamic Treeaccepts the shape of the horse’s body, not only in a standing position, but also in motion.

The Dynamic Saddle™

The saddle is designed to accommodate the anatomy and biomechanics of horses and both male and female riders.

Only the best quality leathers are used in making the saddles. Our experienced team of professionals delivers the highest standard of craftsmanship.

Every detail of saddle construction is designed to make the ride enjoyable for both the horse and rider:

The saddle is designed to position itself further back on the horse to reach a dynamic equilibrium and give maximum freedom of movement to the shoulders.

Dynamic Saddles™ front billet system is designed to allow the front panels to move away from pressure of working muscles, allowing the shoulders to swing freely.

Dynamic Saddles™ allows the rider to loosen the pelvis which makes sitting on the horse much easier and helps the rider feel more connected to the horse. The flaps and thigh rolls are angled to accommodate the anatomical structures of the human body. The stirrup bars, positioned further back for dynamic balance, help the rider achieve correct body alignment.

The overall design provides unmatched security to ride correctly and helps secure a rider in place even when faced with a young horse’s antics.

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The Dynamic Saddle™ Promise

Light weight
Only 12 pounds!
Swinging back
Brilliant movements
Relaxed mind (yours and horse’s)
Happy, smiling, comfortable rider and horse

What our customers say:

Diane Doub, Chapel Hill NC

My horse is  more forward in his work having a saddle that doesn’t constrict his movements and a rider whose seat can feel/communicate more effectively. I also love that the saddle just fits.  My last saddle had to be reflocked 3 times in 12 months when my horse was off due to an injury and his musculature kept changing as he returned to work.

Claudia Cooper, Durham, NC

The Dynamic allows me to simply drop my leg down. My horse has a fairly round rib cage and is a big mover. He tends to move me around a lot in the saddle and before the Dynamic, I struggled a lot in the attempt to sit in my horse. The Dynamic has a narrow twist. It allows me to simply drop my leg without making it an active effort to do so. At the same time, the saddle has a deep comfortable seat that naturally engages my core. It gives me a very anchored and secure feel in the saddle which is really super given that my horse is a super expressive mover.

Kathryn Butt, Charleston SC

I adore these saddles. I have had 2 horses in my life that refuse to go in any other saddle. Nothing else fits them and allows them to move to fullest ability.

Keni Kerin, Keni Kerin Dressage at Brookside Farm, Fuquay-Varina, NC

My horse [Belcanto’s Welt] shows much more freedom in his shoulder as well as swing in his back since riding him in the Dynamic. Belcanto’s Welt can be conservative of his back and take a while to warm up but now he freely stretches and relaxes from the start with the Dynamic saddle.

Heather Murphy King, Castle Farm, Knightdale, NC

Being a horse trainer of multiple breeds and body styles of horses, I really liked that I could use the same saddle on every horse I ride. I spent several years looking for the perfect saddle for me. This saddle had all the features I was looking for, and the extra bonus was that I wouldn’t be restricted to using it on only my main competition partner.

Karen Allred, Chapel Hill NC

For me, there is no comparison. It is the most comfortable saddle re position and feel of the seat and balance. The tree will shape to the horse's back, so I can use this one saddle on my three riding horses.

Melissa Lempicki, Damascus MD

I just wanted to let you know that the saddle has been amazing! I was looking at a picture of his back from a few months ago and I can really see a difference in the muscling of his back. His withers and spine are less pronounced because of the muscle he has developed across his back and by his withers.... I’m just so impressed with this saddle! I’ve also been riding other horses in it and it is just so amazing how it works on every type of horse!

Elizabeth O’Connor, Dragonfly Dressage, St Mary’s, MD

My vet remarked the other day on how pleased she was how with my 3 coming 4 year old’s muscling was developing ... what a difference having a horse growing up using a saddle like Dynamic!

Ann Womack, Greenville, NC

I am so incredibly pleased with my new Dynamic saddle, all three of my horses are wearing it and it's made a positive and noticeable difference to all of them. As riders and horse owners we are always striving to do right by our partners and for me, not having to be concerned about their saddle fit and comfort is a major win!

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